How do I book my stay with Shiva Valley Resorts?

To register a booking with us, you can visit our website www.shivavalley.in for online booking, chat with staff online, or call us at (9916) 127-070

How will I know my reservation is confirmed?

Once we receive the payment, your reservation stands confirmed with us. You will receive an email and a message informing you about the confirmation of your booking.

What is the maximum number of guests allowed?

Reservation via online travel portals allows up to 10 adults or 5 couples with 2 children per couple. However, large-scale bookings are not accepted online. We recommend that you call us directly on (9916) 127-070 and we shall take care of it for you.

Do you make an itinerary for guests?

Yes, we have a team of experts who can plan an itinerary based on your travel plans at a minimal cost. To get in touch, please contact (9916) 127-070. You can also write to us directly at shivavalleyresort@gmail.com.

What are your cancellation policy and charges?

● If guests do not arrive for check-in, no refund on the paid tariff will be made by the resort. ● If the bookings are cancelled earlier than 15 days prior to check-in, cancellation charges of 25% of the paid tariff will be levied by the resort. ● If the booking is cancelled within 8-15 days prior to check-in, cancellation charges of 50% of the paid tariff will be levied by the resort. ● If the booking is cancelled within 7 days prior to check-in, no refund on paid tariff will be made by the resort

What modes of payments are accepted for bookings?

For online bookings, via the Shiva Valley website or any other travel portal, all debit and credit cards are accepted. For direct bookings with Shiva Valley via email or telephone, cash deposits and NEFT towards any of our provided bank accounts are accepted.

Where can I get a copy of my invoice from?

We will send you a copy of the invoice in your booking confirmation mail. If you need a hard copy, the resort staff at reception will provide one at the time of check out.

How much do you charge for laundry?

The laundry charges can be taken from the front desk or housekeeping at our properties. We offer affordable rates for the various items of clothing.

What is the cost of the buffet?

We offer a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with various options. Rates may vary from meal to meal and choice of meal.

Do you offer corporate discounts?

Shiva Valley offers special rates and discounts for corporate guests. For details, please get in touch with us at (9916) 127-070

Do you have separate rates for groups?

Shiva Valley offers special rates for groups. To get in touch with our team, please call us at (9916) 127-070

Do you have the same rates for all the rooms?

We have a variety of rooms with different categories. The tariff and rates vary from room to room.

Is parking available at the resort?

We have sufficient parking spaces where your car can safely be parked during your stay.

What are the reception opening hours?

The reception is open 24 hours and our staff will be at your service day and night.

Where can I see the resort rates? How much is a room/night?

All the details are mentioned in the room's section on the website. Prices may vary according to the seasons.

Is Wi-Fi available?

WiFi is available free of cost in the rooms and in other areas.

What should I do, if I lost or forgot something in my room?

Please contact the resort directly.