6 Reasons why Shiva Valley is the Perfect Staycation

If you are eagerly planning a holiday retreat or wish to enjoy the post-wedding holidays with your loved one, you gotta read this article and plan accordingly. We always seek a destination that is distant from the chaos of the city, and we are one such destination that can give you absolute peace. You are bound to land in one of the best destinations in...


Brace Yourself for Deadly Coronavirus

The year 2020 is one of the worst years of this decade as everything is going haywire and this would get incessant if we don’t become responsible for the things that are grave.People are still seen going out to the restaurants/bars, public transports without wearing masks and acting as if it isn’t really a big deal. Things don’t stop getting bizarre. Ain’t it?

Ignorance is not always a bliss.

“We probably have no idea what is coming.”


6 most amazing legends about the coolest God, Mahadev

Meta Description- There are a plethora of legends of Lord Shiva. We have listed a few amazing legends and facts about Mahadev, the coolest Deity.

We have generalised gods and their demeanour all these years but never realised there could be an exception like Lord Shiva, who is illustrious for his fearless mistakes and also deals with them in a very calm and composed way. Shiva is the God who doesn’t fear anything and abiding by the rules is so not his style. He is the one who breaks all stereotypes of being a God and stays as cool as...


Guide to Local Food across Uttarakhand

As we all know India is the nation of diversity, the nation that impresses tourists not only for its monumental beauty and diversity but also for its food culture. Every state of India is known for its lip-smacking delicacies and Uttarakhand is one of them. Uttarakhand is absolute bliss for epicureans with its commendable collection of delicious delicacies. The most amazing part of Uttarakhand’s dishes is that they are free of any sort of adulteration and mixing or impurities that makes the food here even more delicious and memorable. We have got you a guide to local food across Uttarakhand...


5 of the Best Destinations to Visit in Uttarakhand

Meta Destination- Uttarakhand is home to many beautiful destinations to visit. Here is the list of a few best places to visit in Uttarakhand. Let’s know about them.

India is all about amazing attractions and destinations that are loved by tourists coming from different parts of the world to see the literal beauty of this diverse nation. Each part of this magnificent nation houses a place that is worth multiple visits and every visit will exhilarate you the same as your first time. There are so many best destinations to visit in Uttarakhand if you are planning your...


The Most Dangerous Adventure Sports

When your life is flamboyantly adventurous, you always like to think out of the box to keep your love for adventure integral. There are people who do not fear death and go beyond every limit to challenge the fear and come out as a hero with sheer pride. There are plenty of adventure sports that are exciting and audacious, and there are sports that are extremely baneful and all that it requires is high-spiritedness. Adventure sports are also classified as dangerous owing to the...


The Quick Facts about Uttarakhand

● Uttarakhand is partitioned into two districts that are Garhwal and Kumaon. In the medieval period, the Garhwal locale was referred to as Kedarkhand and Manaskhand as Kumaon.

● Uttarakhand has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites i.e Valley of Flowers and Nanda Devi National Park. Both are surrounded by the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve (223,674 ha). This fantasyland is protected from uncommon and jeopardized flavours of widely varied vegetation. The fascinating and quiet vistas of Valley of blossoms otherwise known as Bhyundar Valley pulls in a huge number of sightseers and botanists from worldwide consistently.



8 Most Significant Facts about Shiva

The most ferocious and exuberant Shiva is the only deity that has never left any stone unturned when it was about rescuing the universe form detrimental energies that could have left this entire universe in ruins. The Vedas glorify him as a healer, protector and the source of healing substances. He is also a god of storms, death and destruction. There are numerous significant facts about Shiva. Let’s put light on here.

He is also Brahman, the lord of the universe (Isvara) that creates, sustains and nurtures the worlds, keeping them under control of his elusive powers.

Shiva’s devotees fear...


Maha Shivratri: The Most Propitious Occasion

Maha Shivratri, the most celebrated festival among Hindus across the world for the glory and charm it disseminates. It is one of the most prominent and significant festivals that is celebrated with uttermost fun and floridity devoting to “The Great Lord Shiva”. It is said that on this day, it is the darkest night of the year to celebrate Grace of Shiva, who is also named the Adi Guru or the First Guru, the originator of yogic traditions. On this auspicious day, there is an omnipotent natural upsurge of energy in the human system due to the planetary positions, thus,...