The Most Dangerous Adventure Sports

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The Most Dangerous Adventure Sports

When your life is flamboyantly adventurous, you always like to think out of the box to keep your love for adventure integral. There are people who do not fear death and go beyond every limit to challenge the fear and come out as a hero with sheer pride. There are plenty of adventure sports that are exciting and audacious, and there are sports that are extremely baneful and all that it requires is high-spiritedness. Adventure sports are also classified as dangerous owing to the inherent risks it has and dangers involved with them, including serious injuries and even death. An adventure sport is a bold undertaking that involves a wide range of activities that challenge your courage and makes you a stronger being.

We often compare adventure to teensy-weensy activities like rafting, diving, snorkelling, hiking etc., that children and adults can easily engage in and do not really require much of courage. But, there are some extremely dangerous adventure sports that are only meant for strong-hearted beings who like to fight the fear of death. Although there is an extreme level of danger involved in these activities that bring the person close to the end, such sports truly live up to the meaning of ‘adventure’! And mind you, such people are not lily-livered but mettlesome.

If you are an adventure junkie, this world is the right place to give you the right dosage. Every corner of this world is well-incorporated with different types of adventure sports every adventure junkie would love to explore. Not everyone can easily engage in extreme sports for it requires obsession and passion to do something anyone could hardly think of. One has to live for the moment and crave the adrenaline rush to achieve laudably. There shall be days when you have to keep yourself prepared for the failure or even worse as it may result in injuries that could be varying from ordinary gashes and bruises to broken bones, frostbite, concussions, lacerations and brain damage.

Hence, you got to be prepared to face these life-threatening fears that might refrain you to live to the fullest.

As they say, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, avoiding danger is no better in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.” Let’s delve deeper to discover more about these deadly sports that challenge death and help you fight it with absolute ardour. It is really hard to define the extremity of any sport for some sports have more deaths compared to the

so-called adventurous sports. For instance, people have died while doing angling in United Kingdom and angling is not considered as an extreme sport. It is all about

how passionately you pursue your fear and change it into a glorious achievement. The Woman like Arunima Sinha, the first amputee to scale Mount Everest has set the example for the ones who are complete yet coward. Success is achieved when

you beat all the odds and tune out that little voice in your head that says “YOU CAN’T DO IT!”

There are plentiful adventure sports that are dangerous and few of them happen to be base jumping, heli-skiing, bull riding, bungee jumping, ski jumping, cliff

diving, mountain biking, ice climbing, big wave surfing and last but not the least free climbing(soloing).

To cut a long story short, no matter how much excitement, thrill or personal glory these extreme sports offer, it cannot outweigh the life-threatening risks involved in these sports.

Let’s learn about 5 of the most dangerous adventure sports that are listed above-

   BASE Jumping- It is one of the most recreational sports of jumping from a fixed structure. Participants who wish to quest for this sport do not fear height and can easily conquer the fear of falling. Adventure junkies have to be really prompt and careful while using a parachute to descend safely to the ground. BASE is basically an acronym that stands for four categories of structures from which one can jump and they are, building, antenna, span and earth (cliff). Participants have to take an exit from one of these fixed structures to make a freefall along with a parachute tied and deploy their parachute to slow their descend and land safely without injuring themselves. BASE jumping is significantly more hazardous than other forms of parachuting, and is widely considered to be one of most dangerous adventure sports and has high risk of parachute failure while descending. But never forget, VICTORY IS BEYOND FEAR.If we go by the stats, for BASE jumping it is closer to a roughly estimated one death per 500-1000 jumps, roughly more than a hundred time more fatally prone to risk than sky diving.

Heli-Skiing- Heli-Skiing is apt for the ones who want to experience transcendent place being alive. Helicopter skiing or heli-skiing is one of the types of backcountry skiing / free-riding that involves a helicopter to access out-skirted areas and slopes of powdered snow.

Bull-Riding- The one who doesn’t know about this sport probably has never been engaged in any adventure sport. The name is enough to express what this sport is all about. All that a person has to do is to sit on an enraged bull’s back and let it ride you with full vigour. The challenge is to stay mounted while bull tries to buck off the rider. Bull-Riding is the most dangerous with maximum injuries happening when the rider is stomped in the chest or back.

Free Climbing (Soloing)- How would you feel without a rope, harnesses or another protective backup while climbing ice or a gigantic rock? It is unimaginably scary without being tied and all that you have to do is to climb without blinking an eye and the sync between your hands and feet should be well-coordinated otherwise the consequences could be even worse than you can ever imagine.This spine-chilling sport is not for the amateurs, mind it!

Mountain Biking- Who would have ever imagined that biking in the mountains could be so shuddery? Riding bike is not really a big deal when you do that on plains, it gets challenging when you take your bike to the mountains where there is no road or a definite path but just jolty trails that have to be followed. The off-road trails could be too hazardous on the mountains as just a careless moment could lead to an excruciating accident which might get deadly too.

However, never let your fear to rule you. Start with not so hazardous adventure sports and lead your life the way you want to. Face every fear and overcome it bravely and without shuddering. Take risks and make your not so exciting life worthwhile.