Brace Yourself for Deadly Coronavirus

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Brace Yourself for Deadly Coronavirus

The year 2020 is one of the worst years of this decade as everything is going haywire and this would get incessant if we don’t become responsible for the things that are grave.People are still seen going out to the restaurants/bars, public transports without wearing masks and acting as if it isn’t really a big deal. Things don’t stop getting bizarre. Ain’t it?

Ignorance is not always a bliss.

“We probably have no idea what is coming.”

As we all know a few nations are on Quarantine including India because of coronavirus outbreak. The situation can’t stop getting worse than ever before and worst is seeing the entire world behaving like it isn’t going to happen to them.

Below are a few precautions that would lessen the chances of getting infected-

Wash your hands frequently
Reason- Washing your hands with alcohol-based soap or handwash kills germs breeding on your hands.

Maintain social distance
Reason- While coughing and sneezing, people unknowingly spray droplets from their mouth and nose which may have a virus. If you are close to that person, there are chances that you get infected too.

Avoid touching nose and mouth
Reason- Our hands touch many surfaces that are full of viruses. Hands can easily transmit deadly viruses to your eyes, nose or mouth, once contaminated. Thus, deadly viruses like coronavirus can enter your body.

Practice Respiratory Hygiene
Reason- You and the people around you should be following good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask and while you cough and sneeze make sure, you bend your elbow or use a tissue immediately. And most importantly wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Must see a doctor if you have a cough and difficulty in breathing.

  •  Stay updated and follow the advice given by your doctor.

National and local healthcare authorities will have the up to date information about COVID-19 and also if it is active in your area or not.

Following are the 5 factors that make this deadly virus grow worse due to our ignorance-

  • You were aware that coronavirus exists but not bothered when the first few cases began to appear in your country. You all must have thought that it’s just another airborne flu which would vanish into thin air. And these days there is one more most common belief that if you aren’t old, you won’t catch this virus. DUH! Even you aren’t safe. Everybody is not overreacting, they are just being prepared for quarantining themselves when required. You are not asked to freak out but considerate enough to not let this situation deteriorate for the entire nation.

  • Few zones are declared “red zone” and quarantine because they found a handful of seriously infected cases which led a multitude of infected people. Thinking that only old people or people with weak immune are getting infected. You think that nothing would happen to you, you would meet your friends and chill. You also think that it is not going to get you. You are wrong. It can get to you and work in mysterious ways you won’t even know. Not only you get infected but also take along your peers, family and the people you meet on the road or elsewhere.

  • It started from China but it has spread in almost 165 countries out of 195 countries across the world. Many countries have declared quarantine and also all the schools and places where a large number of people meet are strictly shut down until next notice.

  • Seemingly, in less than a month the number of infected ones is heavily increasing. It has now become a national health emergency for almost all nations. Doctors and nurses are vigilant and on their toes day and night. Hospitals are at their capacity and rooms have been isolated to make space for coronavirus infected patients.

  • There have been panicky patients who have tried to abscond due to panic people and media have spread. Just imagine how many people they must have infected. Can’t get more hazardous. Right now, the goal is to delay the spread of the virus as much as we all collectively can. People can go out to buy grocery, pharmacy and things that are urgent for their survival. Important businesses are still open to keep the economy safe from collapsing. But, you can’t move from your place unless you have a valid reason.