6 Reasons why Shiva Valley is the Perfect Staycation

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6 Reasons why Shiva Valley is the Perfect Staycation

If you are eagerly planning a holiday retreat or wish to enjoy the post-wedding holidays with your loved one, you gotta read this article and plan accordingly. We always seek a destination that is distant from the chaos of the city, and we are one such destination that can give you absolute peace. You are bound to land in one of the best destinations in Uttarakhand and discover an amazing travel experience. If a glamorous destination is not your idea of an ideal holiday, Shiva Valley Resort is definitely your choice. We have got you an elaborate list of 6 reasons why Shiva Valley is the perfect staycation for you. We urge you to read this blog and plan your staycation in Shiva Valley ASAP. We promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Spend your holiday in style. 

Exploring the resort’s beguiling infrastructure along with the tranquil environs in the beautiful terrains of Uttarakhand can bring you absolute peace. Shiva Valley is the perfect destination for a quality respite in Uttarakhand. It has something special to splash out on some relaxing holiday. 


The soul that stands ajar always finds something rhapsodic.

We have specially tailored the entire property for our guests to give them comfort and tranquillity. 

If you are wondering what makes this place so special, mind you, Shiva Valley is one of the most dreamy destinations in Uttarakhand. If you are still looking for more reasons to choose Shiva Valley as your ideal destination, we have listed out some of the best reasons why Shiva Valley is the Perfect Staycation. 

6 reasons why Shiva Valley is the perfect staycation are-

  • Rooms Adorned with Mandala Art
    Whenever we make the check-in into a hotel or resort, we always rush towards the room to see how it looks and what all it has. We understand rooms are important to make your holiday memorable. We as a team have made fervid efforts to design our rooms in such a way that it looks completely different from the rooms you have ever stayed in. We decided to give each room a different vibe and that’s when we thought of Mandala Art. Mandala art is basically an art therapy tool that makes order out of disorder. Mandala is a Sanskrit word for Magic Circle. Considering the distinctiveness of our rooms, we gave each room a different Mandala Art with different themes.

    Our rooms inhabit a separate moral universe.
    The rooms fused with traditional elegance and with a tinge of modernity basking in an enviable location of Uttarakhand.The name “Shiva Valley” is not just a name but faith in Shiva’s glory. Being an ardent follower and admirer of Shiva, we named our resort Shiva Valley. Not only this, with Mandala art in every different room, we also have given every room a different name inspiring from Shiva’s 108 names. Doesn’t this sound amazing? You have to witness it by yourself. We have got you a collection of the pictures of the rooms we have exclusively designed to give you a memorable experience. 

  • A fine assortment of places to stay
    You will be surprised to know that rooms are not what all we have for you to stay in. There is so much more than just rooms. Our resort is built with absolute perfection to give you a lifetime experience you can’t forget. With concrete rooms, we also have luxury rooms specially designed with glass and also luxurious and sturdy tents built with canvas. So, if you wish to come out of monotony, we do have so amazing options for you. All these spaces brim with warmth and peace you will fall in love with.

    Dwell where you find your own self.
    To give you an overview, we have got you pictures of our rooms, tents and luxury rooms.  

Serene Environs
The moment we plan a holiday either with our family or friends, the first thing we think of is peace and serenity. Being in the hustle-bustle of the city, you strive for a place where no one honks, shouts or fights. Serenity is what you look for. You wish to spend some quality time with yourself and your family where there is no one to poke you for anything.You will be at a place where you can hear birds chirping and wind blowing away from the chaos. Shiva Valley is another world altogether. All that you have to do is take out some time and visit Shiva Valley for the peace you have been finding in many places. We offer you everything that can make your visit worth and memorable that you would want to come over and over again.

Home is where you find peace and yourself.
We have captured some pictures of our serene environs so that you plan your staycation ASAP.

  • Emotional and Vibrational Ambience
    If you wish to witness the place you might have never witnessed before, Shiva Valley is bound to give you your one in a lifetime experience for the infrastructure that would make you feel trippy through a distinctive ambience.Shiva Valley is a recreational haven that would connect you with the energies that Lord Shiva possesses. This place is an absolute bliss if you are an avid Shiva follower and want to sync yourself with the vibes this place is completely engulfed in. Shiva Valley is totally dedicated to Lord Shiva, the supreme god and his nifty powers. The ambience will make you head over heels with this place. You will find a different world and your new self after staying at Shiva Valley.

    Leave behind the stress and fatigue of the city and surrender yourself to Shiva supreme glory.
    Explore our gallery to see the kind of ambience we have built for you.

  • Nirvana for Nature-Lovers
    Finding nature in the cities in the era where pollution has taken a toll on us is next to impossible. Being city dwellers, we can’t afford to breathe fresh air. We go to places where there are trees to catch flush of fresh air that can make us feel healthy. You will be able to discover so many things about yourself while savouring the nature.Don’t you worry. Your stay at Shiva Valley will make you crazy for the kind of nature it is nestled in. as mentioned, it is a nirvana for nature lovers. You get what you seek. Your healthy stay is our responsibility, and we make sure that we keep the nature around the resort intact. The sight of hills basking in an enviable location will enthral you to stay even more than your planned stay. We give you this word!

    By discovering nature, you discover yourself.
    To tempt you more, we have captured a handful of nature’s pictures outside the resort. Do have a look!

Impeccable services and amenities
While we browse for a hotel or a resort, we always rush to see the services and amenities the resort is catering. We always decide our stay on the basis of what the resort offers for our comfort. There are various things that are essential during your stay and you don’t want to take a risk with anything.
We understand what you need, and we make sure that we don’t miss anything that could make your stay with us disappointing.

Our services and amenities are unimaginably impeccable.
To give you an overview and keep you at ease, we have prepared a list of services and amenities we offer.

  • Infinity Pool- Peace, love and chill by and in the infinity pool
  • Ravishing Themed Rooms- Beguilingly tailored rooms to give you joyous recreation
  • Party all Night on Weekends- Party, stay awake, repeat!
  • Free Wifi: Happiness is free Wifi
  • Travel Assistance and Local Sightseeing: We can be your guide too.
  • Doctor on Call: We ensure your safety.
  • In-House Laundry: Laundry is just a call away.
  • Private dining: Your privacy, our responsibility.
  • Daily local/ national Newspapers on request: We keep you updated too.
  • Discotheque: Dance and let everything be.
  • In-room safe locker: Your valuable belongings will be safe.
  • Complimentary car parking: Park your car safely.
  • Recreational Facilities: Find peace within yourself.
  • Toiletries: We will never disappoint you.
  • In-Room Tea/ Coffee Maker: Create your own drink.
  • Hair Dryer: It will never go missing.
  • Iron and Ironing Board: You will find it right in your room.
  • In-room dining: For your special moments.

    Spot for adventure sports When your life is flamboyantly adventurous, you always like to think out of the box to keep your love for adventure integral. There are people who do not fear death and go beyond every limit to challenge the fear and come out as a hero with sheer pride. There are plenty of adventure sports that are exciting and audacious, and there are sports that are extremely baneful and all that it requires is high-spiritedness. Considering your intense love for adventure, Shiva Valley has also set up an arena where you can enjoy your adventure sports without worrying much. We don’t want you to miss the fun you probably have been longing for. We offer you an opportunity to enjoy adventure sports with your family and friends. You can choose among adventure sports like trekking, Burma bridge, skywalk, flying fox, swimming and so on and so forth. You can never imagine savouring the kind of fun we have to offer you.In a nutshell, we have given you good enough reasons to plan your staycation at one of the best destinations in Uttarakhand. Our resort nestles the spirit of Uttarakhand in all its glory, embodying the history, art, culture, and vibrancy of Uttarakhand with contemporary flair. The resort pays tribute to local arts and crafts while bringing forth a global perspective to its composition and the experiences created within

    We urge you to plan a trip that stays with your lifelong as the most loving memory.

    Visit us, the experience awaits!