6 most amazing legends about the coolest God, Mahadev

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6 most amazing legends about the coolest God, Mahadev

Meta Description- There are a plethora of legends of Lord Shiva. We have listed a few amazing legends and facts about Mahadev, the coolest Deity.

We have generalised gods and their demeanour all these years but never realised there could be an exception like Lord Shiva, who is illustrious for his fearless mistakes and also deals with them in a very calm and composed way. Shiva is the God who doesn’t fear anything and abiding by the rules is so not his style. He is the one who breaks all stereotypes of being a God and stays as cool as a cucumber.

Shiv is Truth. Shiv is Beauty. Shiv is Masculine.

Shiv is Feminine. Shiv is a Suryavanshi. Shiv is a Changravanshi

He is the first fashionista to wear a dreadlock and keep it elegant and stylish. He is fun and indeterminable, unlike most Gods and he likes to mind his own business. After knowing a lot of his legends, it has been discovered that he is an amazing blend of anger and calm and his stories have been able to excite people belonging to different religions across the world.

Below are a few amazing stories and facts about Mahadev, the coolest Deity-

  • The most prominent antagonist in the Hindu mythology, Ravana was one of the biggest devotees of Mahadev- When Ravana tried to root out Mount Kailash, Mahadev entrapped him underneath Mount Kailash and fell deaf ears to his pleadings. To redeem himself from sins, Ravana started delighting Mahadev by chanting hymns and playing instruments for many years under his shelter.Finally, over many years, Shiva released him from his clutch under the mountain and blessed him for divine powers.

  • Even the God of love, Kamadeva could not distract Mahadev with his sure shot tricks- The God who was known for his powers equivalent to a cupid’s failed to trick Shiva while he was meditating and he had to face consequences of the mistake that he dared to commit. It is said, Mahadev was meditating when Devas were raging a war against Tarakasur and they needed Shiva to help them to defeat him. But alas, Shiva was in deep meditation mode when Kamadeva woke him up and he burned the god of love down to ashes with his third eye.

  • Anjana’s and Kesari’s son Hanuman is an avatar of Mahadev- It is said that Lord Shiva has many avatars and Hanuman is believed to be his Eleventh avatar. There are various texts that present him as an embodiment of the Shiva.

  • The ash Shiva is smeared with exemplifies permanence and destruction- As seen in the pictures and otherwise, Shiva’s body is always soiled with ash and many of his devotees are also seen wearing an ash tilak on their forehead. It is believed that ash reminds his devotees about the reality of their life, and imbecility of being infatuated by outer beauty but not inner which leads to destruction eventually.

  • The legend of most regarded Goddess Kali and Shiva- The story why Shiva fell at Goddess Kali’s feet is one of the most heard and enjoyed stories by people across the world. This story is about a powerful demon named Rakta Beej, who could get multiplied as soon as a drop of his blood touched the Earth and he got uncontrollable, thus, the Goddess Durga was summoned to finish the demon. The moment she attacked him, he started to bleed and multiply. Fuming Devi transformed into vicious kali and put each demon to death with every step she walked and drank his blood immediately to stop the demon from multiplying. The consumption of the demon’s blood got the goddess to go crazy with blood lust and kept slaying the innocents. Shiva was sought for help by the Gods, he laid down among the corpses while she was throttling people. The moment she stepped on Shiva, she realised what she was doing and calmed herself down which made her tongue stick out.

  • Shiva and his love for Cannabis- Mahadev’s association with cannabis, commonly known as Bhang in India, is one of the most famous things about him and there is a number of stories behind this as well. One story happens to be; when Shiva was jaded while taking a stroll in the fields during a hot day after a feud with his family. He slept under a tree that turned out to be a cannabis tree and the moment he woke up, he thought of tasting a leaf of the plant and it was really revitalizing that he made cannabis (Bhang)his favourite food. Another interesting legend is: When Gods and demons were churning the ocean to extract When the ocean of milk was churned by the gods and the demons for acquiring the nectar of life, a drop of it fell on Mount Madra and it turned into a plant soon. When Shiva tasted it, it became his favourite food.Unarguably, Shiva is the coolest of all the 330 million Hindu Gods ever existed. There are plentiful amazing legends about Mahadev that can engage you for hours and hours and yet you won’t get tired of reading about him.